Bradford Overton


A portrait session with an artist. Here's a bit of what he says about his work

As an artist, I’m interested in the choices I can make, the inventory or “visual vocabulary” I can build which is unique to me but accessible to those I come into contact with through my paintings. At times I choose subjects or arrangements because they are funny, which is essential and miraculous. Other paintings are meant to host the sublime, which is the undercurrent of our world; it’s origin and mystery. Other paintings are meant to remind the viewer of an aspect or attribute to lay claim to. But the common thread is that they are meant to serve the viewer. I paint paintings that I want to see, that I can’t wait to paint. I simply trust my own interest and taste expecting others to come along. 

- Brad Overton, January 2015





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Rebecca Peters of Metta Mindfulness Center. SLC


Rebecca Peters of Metta Mindfulness Center. SLC


Metta Mindfulness Center, LLC     is a meditation and wellness center in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. It is a place to learn, practice, share, and grow. It is a place to come together and to try on new ways of living life, a Mindful Life. Whether your heart calls for individual therapy by a licensed clinical social worker, meditation instruction to practice living in the present moment, or a warm and welcoming mindfulness or compassion class to gather with a community of learners, Metta welcomes you. We welcome everyone who is curious about what it means to be human and who wish to live with greater ease, connection, and joy.