Killer, the chihuahua who found us in the desert on the middle of nowhere Texas- specifically Hebronville. 

Killer, the chihuahua who found us in the desert on the middle of nowhere Texas- specifically Hebronville. 

 Bobby, he found us in Mexico. 

Bobby, he found us in Mexico. 

 Chris and Killer checking out the flying conditions. Horse Heaven in in Laven, Utah. 

Chris and Killer checking out the flying conditions. Horse Heaven in in Laven, Utah. 


About me.

I’m an artist. I’m a lover, a wonderer and a traveler. I’m an impossible romantic- if it's what it takes for an happy ending. I have been called gullible and I'm ok with that. I still shy away from false ceiling panels for fear of the alternate universe that exist above them- thanks Dad. I have two small dogs who sometimes wear sweaters. I have never not had an animal. My husband once told me (when we were dating) that he’d never date a girl with cats. He wasn’t aware that I had 3, at home, in my very small apartment. He became a cat lady’s husband and still is- 15 years later.

I went to art school- this makes me legit, to some people.

I am maybe a little eccentric.  I love the ocean, lakes, rivers and ponds. I’m from Minnesota, a true northerner in her skin. I talk too much, often with food in my mouth. I’ll swim in almost any body of water just to hear the silence below its surface.

I was the little kid who wore sunglasses in the winter and the little girl who rolled her dress up around her waist because it got in the way.

I cry at weddings, movies, whilst reading the paper, when I pass the homeless shelter, or the animal shelter. My floodgates are weak. And I’m ok with that.

I’m a story teller. I like people with authenticity. I like people who have quirks, who can’t tell a joke with a straight face. These are my kind of people.

I love spicy food and garlic in large amounts. Sometimes my husband makes me turn away from him in bed because of my love for garlic.

Sometimes my husband assists me on shoots and he’s quite good for a scientist, if you don’t mind a differential equation or two. Do you remember the television show Dharma and Greg? Well, that’s pretty much us.

I attempted a career as a model in my younger years. I was terrible in front of the camera and impossibly awkward. In the end I was strictly a runway model, stomping was my forte. I understand the angst of a camera pointing at you and will make sure that you look incredible and that your smile is real.


My story

I photographed my first wedding in Minneapolis in 1997. That would have made me 20 years old at the time. I was a student of photography then and managed the campus darkroom. I shot it on film -It was still the olden days, I had heard of this crazy thing called the digital camera, but was was still under the impression that it was all just a little too nuts. When I finally completed my degree I packed my car and headed west and mastered the life of a surf bum. 

Fast forward to 2004 and I’ve just been married. I'm living in the mountains just beyond Park City and working as an injury massage therapist.  I travel a lot; I spend as much time as humanly possible wondering the globe with my husband- mostly to destinations good for flying paragliders.

By this point I've come around to the idea that digital is not the devil and I've even purchased a digital camera of my own  to photograph my travels, the culture around me and my experiences, and a lot of landscapes from the sky. I start publishing in magazines and slowly make the decision to give up my practice as a therapist and make my living as a photographer.

Today, I live in Salt Lake City. I’ve now been married for 15 years and my family has grown by two dogs. I have my own full time wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography company and my husband and I own a company together that revolves around weather and paragliding- if that’s your thing then look it up at I still travel as much as humanly possible, and I never leave the house without a camera. My photography includes anything that has heart to it. People, places, love. I make images that tell a story of life, and that show the feeling of an experience. 

Is that enough about me? I want more than anything for you to feel comfortable with me. If youthink that this is a possibility then let’s give it a go and work together. Drop me a line and tell me about your plans. 


My approach to photography is quite relaxed and a bit intuitive. Keeping with that method, each wedding that I photograph is tailored to fit the personality of the couple to be wedded. If you have ideas for options that I’ve left out, just ask- and most likely you shall receive.

My package includes a full wedding day of coverage, beginning from the time that you start preparing for your ceremony to the point that people are too entranced in celebration to have their picture taken. I usually put my camera down a couple hours into the dance. I also offer an hourly option for shorter weddings and elopements. 

Together we’ll outline a Soft Timeline of how you envision your day unfolding. This helps to insure that I’m on the same page as you are, as to how you want your day to be remembered. That being said, I’ll in addition to capturing the moments that you foresee and plan for, I’ll also capture all of the in-between moments of the day.

You’ll receive all of the images that I deem as successful. You’ll receive a thumb drive file of meticulously edited print ready images- print release included. Remembering that I shoot from the beginning of the day to the very end, you’ll most likely end up with a few hundred or more images.

I'll also prepare an on line image gallery. This gallery is a great way to share your wedding memories via social media, or with friends and family or whomever you choose. I keep the download option free, making it as easy and as simple as possible to share and print and display your wedding day images.

Why should I hire you?

If you’ve read this far there must be something about me that you like. Let’s meet in person and see if there’s a spark- remember, as your photographer I’ll be around you for the entire day of your wedding- so really, we should hope for some sort of chemistry.  

Will you help me to look my best in front of the camera?

I promise.  I will always guide you to look your best. I’ve done a of of extra curricular work to hone the skill of posing, and once, a long -long time ago attempted to become a print model and I failed fantastically because I was terribly awkward in front of the camera. That being said, I’m very sympathetic to the uneasiness of being the subject of a photograph.

What can I expect on the day of the wedding?

I’ll arrive and begin work as you and your wedding party are getting beautified (or handsomfied)

I work to blend in, to find calm and otherwise make you and your guests feel comfortable. My goal is to be incognito. It's my superpower. I may ask you to step near a perfectly lighted window once or twice, but for the most part I’ll be photographing incognito- looking for candid and meaningful interactions between you and your loved ones. If I have a second photographer one of us will spend time with your partner to be. If I’m working solo, I’ll pop in and out of both preparation areas, I’ll gather rings, flower and dress to photograph the details of your beauty. 

Your Ceremony

During the ceremony I'll stay on the outskirts of the scene documenting everyone from you and your love to the tears and laughter of your guests. For times where three is a crowd- like during your exchange of vows,  I employ a long lens- meaning that I can zoom in from afar, so when you look at the images you'd think that I was standing there next to you, wiping your tears with a hanky, but in reality I was out of the scene photographing from the edge.  

Your Portraits 

Usually directly after your ceremony I whisk you away and capture the images that show the two of you looking at each other in awe- the look that says "Holy smokes! We're for real!" Or maybe your look says "I really need a drink". Either way, I take you away from your guests to somewhere beautiful and private and capture that after- emotion glow of your ceremony. It only takes about 15 minutes. Your guests are usually enjoying cocktails at this time, and often times they don't even notice that your gone. 

Family and Group Portraits

Hopefully you have a bossy sister in law, because I'll need her to help gather your subjects. No, in all seriousness, you'll provide me with a list of groups that you would like portraits of. If there's someone there that knows everyones name it's always helpful to me while I politely gather people for portraits. 

The Rest of the Celebration

The rest of the day is easy. You eat drink love and be merry while I photograph the emotion and beauty of the celebration as it unfolds. The toasts, the hugs, the laughter..  the dances with your Father or Mother and your new Lifelong Companion. This is where I use my intuition and experience as a wedding photographer to catch all of the unfolding moments. Although I have yet to see two weddings that look alike, I'm very familiar with what love, emotion and happiness look like. And really, aren't those the main ingredients of what make a wedding celebration special? At the end of the evening, when the chicken dancing has been done and the champaign has been enjoyed- specifically at the point that people are too entranced in celebration to have their picture taken, I'll finally put my camera down and pack up and disappear into the night. 

We’re the perfect fit! How do I book?

Great! I require a 50 percent retainer and a singed contract. That insures that I’m yours for the day from beginning to end. Done!

Can we meet before hand?

I prefer to meet in person before your wedding date if possible, if t's not an option to meet in person then maybe a face time date. I accept a limited amount of weddings a year (I never book more than two a month) and it’s important to me that we jive- not the literal dance, but that we have some aspect of a pleasant spark, as we’ll be together for the entire day.

What is included in my wedding day package?

Up to 10 hours of coverage and your engagement session. An online gallery and a file of meticulously edited images ready for print, print release included. A second photographer is always an option, I specify more on that below.

How many images can I expect?

Anywhere from 600 and beyond for your wedding day- usually around 1000 images. Engagement sessions yield from 100 to 150 images, again- all edited and print ready.

How long until I get my images?

3 weeks is stated in my contract, however, I always try to deliver before then.

Color or Black and white?

I edit a variety of both. It just depends on what the particular image is best suited for. Most of the time the well lit images of the day are in color with a deliberate few in black and white, while the dancing, strobes and candle light images are usually captured as black and white. If you have a preference we can talk further.

What about Copy Rights? Will I own them? 

People often get 'Copy Rights' and 'Printing Rights' confused.

What you want are the printing rights- which are 100 percent yours. Your images are yours to print and frame, post, make an album with and share on social media for forever and ever and ever. What you cannot do is sell them or publish them to a magazine, otherwise profiting off of my talent. This is because I, the photographer and artist, am the person who would love the fame and great fortunes that accompany selling your wedding portrait to Vogue.  

Will I see every image?

No. That would be a huge disappointment to you. Pictures of my feet, the back of a strangers heads, blurry.. hmm, something or another.

Seriously though, I sort through each and every image from your wedding day, dismissing the ones that I seen as 'unsuccessful'- i.e.  blurry, poorly exposed, one of 20 that are of the same subject but I just wasn't sure that I 'got it'. And of course, those that don't do you justice vanity wise- i.e., eyes closed, double chin, exposed stuff that shouldn't be exposed. 

Is a Second Photographer a necessary expense?

Well now, this one is tricky. I often photograph weddings solo- and if I might be so bold as to say, I do a great job at capturing the day and every bit of love that it brought with it. That being said, when I do work with a second photographer, I'm always brought to misty eyes or out loud laughter by many of their images. This is because they are photographing from a perspective that I am not, because I can only be in one place at a time. (I am magic, but not that magical)  My second photographer is catching the little things like your grandfather lifting his hanky to his eye and the look on your best friend face when they see you pause at the top of the isle. Long story short, another photographer will capture even more beauty and love than I can when working solo. But it is Definitely not a necessity. 

How much do you require upfront?    

I require 50% at the time of booking. My reasoning for this requirement is so I have a strong incentive to hold your wedding day for you, as I schedule a limited number of wedding a month and my schedule fills fast.  But I do understand wedding finance and If that's not possible, we can negotiate what that percentage should be at the time of booking, and know that as a former bride myself- I am super versatile and open minded when it comes to this subject. 

Will you take a list of shots or do you improvise your poses or both? 

I'm versatile here too. If you have specific images as examples that you're in love with and want to use as guidance then absolutely! My normal habit is to use starting poses and move on from there. I try and hope to keep you (the couple) natural and authentic. This is important to me because your wedding day should be remembered as authentic and 100% yours as it unfolds.