I remember planning my own wedding. And being completely overwhelmed by the process. In fact,  I was so overwhelmed that I ended up scrapping my dream to wed in a meadow of wildflowers, with BBQ, champaign and every friend that could make it, and  instead I found an all inclusive venue,  leaving  the details like food, flowers, tables, chairs and linens to a professional. 

My wedding was still perfect in every way, it was just very different from my original vision. Looking back on the experience, some fourteen years later, I realize that some people are great at planning and others.. well, they aren't so much. I'm going to put myself in the 'aren't so much' category.

I've put these lists of venue locations, caterers, florist, dress makers, musicians and the list goes on. As I work with a venue at a wedding I add them to my list or "referred venues and vendors', with the goal of helping you in your wedding planning. Happy planning!

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Venues that I have personally worked with and can recommend.  

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Florists, Food, Cake, and Beauty other vendors that are great A few Wedding and Event Planners that you can count on.